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New Users

How do I register as a user to gain access to the workplace training modules?

On the home page , from the box provided titled “New Users” select your relevant industry category or workplace type and click on this to begin registration.

This action will take you to step one to log into your education and training

Step 1

At this page, from the drop down box labelled “Select Work Place”. Select your workplace and enter the workplace password and click “next step”. This action will open your workplace registration form.

Step 2

Fill out all the mandatory fields and click the “register button”.

Step 3

Now you will have access to your workplace home page and the assigned education and training modules.

Note: To register as a new user, you need your “workplace password”. The educator at your workplace will supply this password to you.

I cannot login to my workplace?

All workplace-training modules have their own distinct password. Make sure you have the correct workplace password. This password is case sensitive.

Contact your workplace educator for the correct password.

All training modules have a set time frame for you to complete them, example from 1 to 8 weeks, the training modules time frame set for this questionnaire might have expired

My username is already taken, what do I do?
Create another personal user name and use this user name. Try another combination of your first and last name.
Will it cost me anything?
There are no costs for you as a registered user.
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Returning Users

How do I log in?

At the home page in the box provided “returning user” enter your personal username and password and click “Log In”. This action will take you to your Workplace Home Page

Your personal user name and password is the one that you entered when you filled out the registration form.

I have forgotten my password?

Contact the administration staff at WasteEducation.com via phone or use the contact button on the top of the web page, fill out the form provided with your details and we will email back to you, your password.

How do I update my details?

When you register for a new training module, as a new user your details will be automatically recorded.

Contact administration staff at WasteEducation.com

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Workplace Certificate

What will I get when I complete the questions?

At the end of the questionnaires, you can print or save your own personal workplace certificate.

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Workplace Administration

How can I register my workplace?

The educator at a workplace can register to participate in the education and training modules. Just fill in the register workplace form and we will contact you within 48 hours, to proceed with registration

How can I update my workplace home page?

Contact the administration staff at WasteEducation.com and we can edit your workplace home page to your requirements

Who provides the questions and answers in the training modules

In conjunction with staff at WasteEducation.com, the educator at the workplace formulates the training modules suitable for their particular needs and requirements.

What information can I get for my workplace exams?

The flexible education and training modules will provide for you, relevant questionnaires targeting your specific needs

The online reports that can be generated are to assist you in further training and educating the employees within your workplace

Can I change the pass mark for an exam?
You as the educator can set the pass mark to suit your workplace requirements.
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Free Education Resources Information

Can I request more information?

Yes you can request more information, either by contacting your workplace educator or administration staff at WasteEducation.com

Where can I find study resources?

On the home page of this web site, click on education resources button, to access education material relevant to your workplace.

Who can I contact for more information?

Contact your workplace educator or staff at beeduacted.com.au

Workplace educator contact information is on your workplace home page.

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Downloading and printing PDF

How do I download PDF documents?
The PDF file may take time to load if you choose to open the PDF file in your browser window. For a faster download, right mouse click on the link and choose 'Save Target As...' (or 'Save Link As...' for Netscape).
What do I do if I can't print PDF documents?
There are a number of steps you can take:
  • Click on 'Refresh/Reload' on your browser's toolbar, then try again. Note that the file may take a while to appear.
  • Follow the instructions on how to download and print PDF documents. If you print from an Acrobat 4.0 or later product, select Print As Image in the Print dialog box. Note that the file will print more slowly.
  • There may be a technical problem in your workplace. Contact WasteEducation.com.
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How can I advertise with WasteEducation.com?

To advertise on this web site contact the administration staff at WasteEducation.com

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